Do you finance all makes of three Wheeler?

Yes, we provide finance for all three wheeler that are currently available in the Indian market

Finance Quantum

What is the Maximum Finance Amount of loan available?

The finance amount is based on vehicle bought and the profile of the customer.

Do you finance the vehicles alone or the accessories as well?

We do not fund any accessory unless it is a standard fitting.

Rate of finance:

What is the Interest Rate for Loans?

The interest rates offered are comparable with the best in industry and are determined by the location of the customer, tenure of loan and customer profile.

Do you quote on a flat rate basis or on diminishing balance basis?

We quote on a flat rate basis.

Turnaround Time:

For what Period the Loan is available?

The loan is available for maximum period of 3 years.

What is the maximum repayment period for a loan?

The loan is available for maximum period of 5 years.

How much time do you take to sanction a loan?

Normally the approval is accorded in one working day on submission of all the required documents.

Collateral Security:

Do you need any collateral security?

No, collateral security is not required.

Will you require a guarantee always?

Not always

Repayment Procedure:

What should I do in case I wish to replace my PDCs?

Yes you can replace your cheques. For this you can send your request through one of our nearest branches. Please see ‘Our Network’ to view list of our branches.

Can I remit the installments in any branch?

Yes. You can remit your installments in any of our branches.Click here to view list of our branches.

Foreclosure :

What is the procedure in case I wish to foreclose my account?

Under the finance agreement, foreclosure is not contemplated. However, upon your specific request, we may advise the settlement amount to you and on remittance of the same the necessary termination papers would be issued..

Normal Closure of contracts:

What should I do when my contract tenure gets over?

On payment of the last installment and any other dues as per the agreement, the termination papers including the RTO related papers would be issued.

What papers do I have to collect on termination?

The Termination letter, The No-Objection letter addressed to the RTO and Insurance endorsement cancellation letter.

Other Services:

What should I do in the case of address change? Whom should I intimate?

You can intimate the branch, which you normally deal with. Otherwise send us e-mail by clicking here


Is third party insurance cover alone sufficient?

No. Comprehensive coverage is required.

Do you insist that insurance has to be done only through your agent?Can I take responsibility for insurance on my own?

We do not insist on this, but please take care to arrange for comprehensive insurance and produce the policy copy with our endorsement in time. However, if you pay the premium along with monthly installments we can take care of your insurance needs.

Will you give me a copy of the agreement duly filled in for my records?
Yes, a copy of the agreement will be provided to the applicant.